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Available Bachelor's Degree Programs


Below is a list of all bachelor's (undergraduate) degree programs are offered at EUCLID both directly and in some cases on behalf of or in cooperation with Euclid Consortium member universities.

Note: Degrees for which the availability code is not 'Y' may not be available at this time.

Program availability is conditioned upon faculty assignments and availability at the time application is made. This is especially true for doctoral programs where faculty resources are limited. Overall availability is also conditioned by restricted annual enrollment quotas set by the institution's governing board.

Historically, the EUCLID BEd programs were only available in the context of specific government or IGO partnerships. This restriction has been lifted as of 2017, which makes EUCLID BEd available not only to government-sponsored applicants but also to the general public. Please contact our admissions officer for more information.

BEd in Education (Online)

Major: Education
Degree designation: BEd
in: Education
Sub-specialty: Open and Online Education
Availability: Y

BA in Global Affairs (Online)

Major: Global Affairs
Degree designation: BA
in: Global Affairs
Sub-specialty: N/A
Availability: Y

BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Online)

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Degree designation: BSc
in: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Sub-specialty: N/A
Availability: Y

BSc in Microbiology (Online)

Major: Microbiology
Degree designation: BSc
in: Microbiology
Sub-specialty: N/A
Availability: Y



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