| Note: The information below is external and comes from EUCLID's centralized database system in order to ensure accuracy |

As a public non-profit institution, EUCLID is able to offer affordable, low-tuition programs.

The total tuition for this program (2016 cycle), (based on 35 incoming credits for the existing Master's) + 30 credits of coursework + 25 credits for the dissertation (to result in 90 credits beyond the Bachelor's), is:

USD Zone: USD 850 (Admission Fee) + (55 credits) x 145 (per credit) = USD 8,825

Euro Zone: USD 769 (Admission Fee) + (55 credits) x 125 (per credit) = € 7,644

The initial payment is for the initial admission fee + 3 credits to cover for the first two courses. The other courses are paid on a pay-as-you-go basis, which spreads out the payments over about 2 years.

Partial scholarships are available for ECOWAS residents.

Full scholarships are available to officials of EUCLID's Participating States.