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An affordable, fully online doctoral program with an intergovernmental mandate and proven track-record of training world-class civil servantdiplomats and experts.

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EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide | Euclid University), an international intergovernmental organization with university mandate, offers to intergovernmental and national civil servants (as well as select students from the general public) a specialized external degree program called the EUCLID Online Ph.D. in Global Energy Policy (DGEP). This field of study or specialization covers the full scope of energy-related issues from a policy perspective, including fossil-fuel energy, renewable energy options and even nuclear energy.

It is the only fully online PhD program in this field organized by an intergovernmental (treaty-based) organization and officially used by diplomats and civil servants over 4 continents. Alumni, students and faculty include current and former ambassadors, minister- counsellors, etc.

Energy Summit 7

Global Energy Resilience

Global Energy Policy experts are post-graduate graduates with a proven ability to contextualize, analyze, document and explain energy options available to government bodies and enterprises. The ability to rely on quantitative and engineering experts is especially important to ensure credibility and soundness of analysis.

Become an Expert

EUCLID provides comprehensive training cover both the academic as well as professional aspects of a doctoral-level program, including: academic writing (journal publications), grant-writing, communications technologies, resume building, etc.

Academic Presentation



EUCLID's Ph.D. in Global Energy Policy represents 90 US credits (120 ECTS) of coursework beyond the Bachelor's. In practice, students may enter the program with a relevant Master's degree, complete 30 to 35 US credits of core doctoral courses, followed by the actual writing of the dissertation in 5 phases. The resulting thesis should be a publishable book offering a clear contribution to the field and establishing the author as a subjet-matter expert.


Focus & Specializations

Among the suggested areas of focus are:

- Global energy diplomacy
-  Small Islands / Small States issues
- Energy / Climate Change issues
- Petroleum / fossil fuel policy
- Sustainable development
- IGOs and non-governmental organizations
- Nation-specific dissertations.

Admissions + Program Brochure

For more information on a specific point, please contact the Admissions Office.

Applicants should have a master’s degree or its international equivalent, awarded by a recognized institution (usually listed in the UNESCO-IAU WHED system or handbook).

Fluency in English (spoken and written) is required and will be tested. 
Students are expected to be in position to dedicate 10 to 15 effective hours of study on a weekly basis.

Climate Change Brochure

Per Credit

$ 145 per credit
  • Credits: About 55
  • Duration: 3 years

Entire Program

$ 8,825 total tuition including IAF
  • Credits: About 55
  • Duration: 3 years

With Scholarship

$ 7,630 total tuition with 15% reduction
  • IGO staff; ECOWAS residents
  • Duration: 3 years

@ EUCLID: An Extraordinary Network of Memberships and Participations

United Nations Treaty Series

United Nations

EUCLID's founding treaty is registered and sealed in the United Nations Treaty Series (multilateral 49006/7)

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The EUCLID Secretary General is a full member of the International Association of University Presidents

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EUCLID is a formal party to the IACA Agreement (treaty) along with more than 80 UN Member States



EUCLID is an associate member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education

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EUCLID is a member of the Academic Council on the United Nations System

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EUCLID is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact initiative

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EUCLID is a member of the Association of African Universities

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EUCLID is a member of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific


Program Curriculum (select / core modules):

ACA-401DAcademic Methods24Gulma
TPH-499Critical Thinking24Roberts / Ebuziem
NRJ-GEBGlobal Energy Business35Agbejule
NRJ-POLPolitics and Economics of International Energy35Agbejule
NRJ-GENEnergy Production, Distribution & Safety35Katterbauer
NRJ-ALTWind and Alternative Energy Module35External
NRJ-BIOFBiofuels Energy Module35External
NRJ-NUCNuclear Energy Module350External
NRJ-GLOBGlobal Energy Studies (IGOs, treaties, SDGs)35Rodriguez
NRJ-OILOil & Gas | Petroleum & Fossil Fuel Module2550Katterbauer
DissertationDoctoral Dissertation (in 5 blocks)2550Katterbauer

More Information


Faculty Profiles | Link

Meet EUCLID's dedicated faculty members including active diplomats and active or retired senior government officials.


Alumni Profiles | Link

EUCLID alumni constitute a high-level global network active at the United Nations and many national governments. 

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Institutional Brochure | Link

Access both EUCLID's institution brochure and annual reports as well as this program's dedicated programmatic presentation in PDF format.

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Institutional Recognition | Link

As an intergovernmental, treaty-backed public institution, EUCLID stands out in a crowded field of for-profit or purely national institutions of higher learning.


“Having certificates that accurately document how you have evolved over time, I feel, will be invaluable over the course of a career” — Prof. R. A. Lue, Harvard University 

Get recognized for your knowledge when you earn course (module) completion certificates from EUCLID (Euclid University), and use it to demonstrate your determination and competency to become a specialized expert in the field of energy studies.

All completed courses are eligible for certificate issuance, with additional fees for Accredible issuance.
Disclaimer: The visual representation of the certificate here serves as an exemplar, and may be subject to change at the discretion of the University.

'EUCLID: Providing university-level training for staff of the world's foremost institutions'

Current and past students/alumni are employed by the world's foremost institutions, including:


United Nations

The world's foremost intergovernmental organization:


US Government

Students working for US Federal Agencies including the State Dpt:


European Investment Bank

A major multilateral financial institutions:


Swiss Armed Forces

Swiss excellence, at its pinnacle international peace-keeping:



The UN specialized agency serving children's needs globally:



The UN specialized agency based in Geneva, serving and monitoring global health:


Catholic Church

One of the world's oldest and most influence institutions:



A major regional block for economic and political integration:


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