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Online MBA in Global Entrepreneurship  


The John Locke School of Business and Economics at EUCLID (Euclid University) offers an online / distance MBA in Global Entrepreneurship (MBA/GE).

The EUCLID MBA in Entrepreneurship is much more than an academic program: it is a personalized coaching program during which the select few who are accepted for enrolment will achieve the following:

individualized evaluation of entrepreneurship project
individualized guidance and coaching to master essential skills
assess business plan | identify gaps and build partnerships
create corporate structure | web site | basic service and product line
start advertising and operating business.

EUCLID's interest for applicants is more specifically for those interested in businesses with a global reach and strategy, for instance in the following areas:

e-businesses | web-based sales channels
software solutions
consulting services
nutritional supplements
design oriented products

This MBA is a comprehensive, practical, and outcome-based program at the end of which students can expect to master the following competencies:

  • Professional paper / report writing
  • Critical Reasoning / Argumentation / Oral Presentations / Letter Writing
  • Essential Corporate IT skills:
    • MS-Office, Computer Networking, Database Concepts, Graphics Design, Web Design, Web Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of Global Economics
  • Essentials of Business and Corporate Law
  • Business Management Essentials, including Quickbooks accounting and finance
  • Business Plan development
  • Marketing for the Entrepreneur
  • Case studies of successful business launches including e-Bay stores, etc.
  • Ability to apply an entrepreneurial spirit in a corporate environment.

This distance MBA in Global Entrepreneurship is more than an academic program; its primary goal is to be a coaching program that will result in (1) fundamental psychological training preparing the student to start his or her own company (2) deliver all the essential skills required to start and grow a company, ranging from marketing, IT and accounting to sales (3) actually begin the process of forming your own company with the coaching of a seasoned professional instructor.

The curriculum can also be adapted to meet the needs of both current entrepreneurs and of those who are considering a corporate project.

This EUCLID MBA in Entrepreneurship represents at least 60 ECTS / 40 US credit hours of academic coursework. It compliant with Bologna Process guidelines and comes with a full ECTS documentation / transcript + diploma supplement.


The module sequence is as follows:

Individualized orientation and evaluation module
English Writing Skills for Academic and Professional Papers [LIT-101]
Critical Thinking / Argumentation / Oral Skills [TPH-499]
Essential IT skills [EUR-IT] + additional modules
Project Management [PM-200] (optional)
Motivational seminar
Required magazine subscriptions and review (Inc. 500, etc)
Finance and Accounting for Managers
Finance and Accounting with QuickBooks
Economics and Global Economics [EUR-ECO]
Management and Entrepreneurship in a Corporate context
Global Marketing and e-Marketing
Business / Contract Law / Intellectual Property Issues
Portable MBA review
Case Studies - extensive research module
Business Plan / Business Launch seminar

Recommended: download the comprehensive program documentation with syllabi for all courses

Also recommended link: John Locke School of Business and Economics


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