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About the Euclid Consortium


Note: In 2009, the "Euclid University Consortium (Pôle d'Extension Universitaire Euclide)" was renamed Euclid Consortium to avoid confusion between the Consortium and EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide / Euclid University).

Summary: EUCLID is a degree-granting institution, whereas the Euclid Consortium (previously called Euclid University Consortium) is a group or network of universities created in 2005 and which is not itself degree-granting. EUCLID was created as a member of the Consortium (2008) and the commitment to support the member universities is unchanged.


All programs developed by the Consortium are now only offered through EUCLID.

Official Website (Euclid Consortium)

The Euclid Consortium (Pôle d'Extension Universitaire Euclide in French) was established and developed in 2005/2006 by means of international agreements (1) between the University of Bangui (UBRC), the Private International University of Brussels (ULI), the University of N'Djamena (UNDT) and IOSD (International Organization for Sustainable Development)] acting as program administrator.

It was constituted as an inter-university consortium by its constitutive parties and as the authorized international extension of the participating universities.

With the completion of the EUCLID Phase 1 initiative in June 2006, the Consortium became the approved extension of the following universities:

  • ULI (Université Libre Internationale, Belgium) (Private)
  • UBRC (University of Bangui) (Governmental)
  • UNDT (N'Djamena University) (Governmental)
  • ULB (Université Libre of Burkina) (Private)

In 2006 and 2007, IOSD signed governmental / intergovernmental MOUs by which means E2C became an official educational partner or provider for OIC/ICCI and the Government of Eritrea.

With the completion of the EUCLID Phase 2 initiative effective June 2008, EUC is the approved extension of the following universities:

  • EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide / Euclid University) (Intergovernmental) +
  • UNDT (N'Djamena University) (Public-Governmental) +
  • ULI (Université Libre Internationale, Belgium) (Private) *
  • UBRC (University of Bangui) (Public-Governmental) +
  • ULB (Université Libre of Burkina) (Private) *
  • UGB (Université Gaston Berger de Saint Louis) (Public-Governmental) *
  • Université des Comores *

+ = primary degree-granting institution
++ = secondary joint degree-granting institution
* = Euclid Consortium member university which is not a joint degree-granting institution



EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide | Euclid University)
A treaty-based organization with international liaison and representative offices in:
New York, Washington DC, Geneva, Brussels, Berlin

Headquarters: Banjul, The Gambia
Historic Headquarters and Official CB/IRD Office: Bangui, C.A.R.

Email: [email protected] | Find us on Google+

Institutional High Steward: (Prime Minister) Faustin Touadéra, PhD (Mathematics; Lille, France)

Diplomatic and Academic High Steward: Ambassador Juan Avila, PhD (Education; Fordham, USA)


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