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Legal Affairs and Enforcement



As depositary of the EUCLID intergovernmental agreements, a role defined in Articles 16, 24, 76-80 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, the EUCLID Secretary-General is entrusted with the responsibility to protect EUCLID's legal interests under international and national law.

Some of the tasks associated with this mandate include: registration of the EUCLID agreements with the United Nations Secretariat General, registration of EUCLID under applicable treaties such as the Paris Convention of the Protection of Industrial property, correspondence with legal authorities to secure enforcement of applicable laws and regulations.

CURRENT ACTIONS - Updated February 2015:

Counterpart: Comments / Procedure or Issue Outcome:
Texas THECB (a US state agency)

This procedure is pending with expected date of resolution of mid-2017, due to the delays associated with Texas bar registration.

Issue: Texas relationship with intergovernmental institutions and legal application of Texas Education Code 61.

Background note: Texas is notorious for its strong opposition to intergovernmental organizations and US Federal preemption in issues of international law. Most recently (10/2012), Texas Attorney General Abbott (now Governor) made news by sending letters to the US Secretary of State (and OSCE) threatening to arrest OSCE election observers.

Sadly, Texas is also often described as one of America's "most racist states" which it is hoped will not prove to have been a factor in completing this unusually long validation procedure.

EUCLID is still working with the THECB on this matter, see:

Retained Counsel: Tollefsen Law

Process is pending as of 2015.


Counterpart: Procedure or Issue: Outcome:
Accredibase (a UK private business)

Anonymous report questioned the degree-granting authority and accreditation of the "international universities" in general.

Author displayed lack of understanding of multilateral entry into force as applicable to EUCLID agreements.

EUCLID reply issued with regular updates. Accredibase was shutdown in December 2013 and the offending page was appropriately removed.

Oregon ODA (a US state agency)

This procedure is deemed resolved with the letter from the Department of Justice of Oregon announcing the removal of the ODA list (with had EUCLID in "pending" state since 2008) and important staff changes. This resolution took place following the 2013 Joint Letter of Ambassadors Moussa-Kembe and Kaambi requesting such investigation and action.

The Oregon DOJ also confirmed in January 2014 that ODA's claims to have put EUCLID on hold pending active review and investigation between 2008 and 2013 were not factual. This concludes the matter to EUCLID's full satisfaction.

Since personal issues are not relevant, EUCLID has opted to remove the name of a former ODA employee involved in the matter of this abnormally long validation procedure.

Retained Counsel: Tollefsen Law

ODA Administration no longer in post and list removed. Deemed completed and resolved in December 2013.

Maine (a US state)

Usability / Validation procedure

Michigan (a US state) Usability / Validation procedure Completed
United Nations Completing Article 102 filings Completed
WIPO (A UN specialized agency) Completing Article 6ter filing Completed

See Understanding the legal status of "International Universities"

See A reply to Verifile / Accredibase regarding the legal status and degree-granting authority of international universities


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EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide |Euclid University):

A treaty-based organization with international liaison and representative offices in New York / Washington DC, Geneva, Brussels, Berlin and Montpellier (France)

International Headquarters: Avenue de France (Campus ENAM), Bangui, Central African Republic

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Institutional High Steward: President Faustin Touadéra, PhD (Mathematics; Lille, France)

Diplomatic and Academic High Steward: Ambassador Juan Avila, PhD (Education; Fordham, USA)


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