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Profile: Ernst-von_Schwarz


Prof Ernst von Schwarz is

Professor of Medicine and Bioethics



Medicine, Bioethics

Other Affiliation(s):

Los Angeles Area, USA

Contact Information:

Email   [email protected]
Phone   Not Entered
Web   Visit link

Location: United States
Nationality: United States



MD, Ph.D. (University of Vienna / Philipps-University Marburg); post-doctoral fellowships (Cardiology)


Professional Experience

Prof Ernst von Schwarz has extensive experience as a cardiologist with prestigious medical and faculty affiliations including Cedar Sinai and UCLA


Teaching Interests

- Cardiology
- Medical ethics and religion
- Stem cell therapy


Research Creative Works

Dr von Schwarz has an impressive and varied publication record (see PubMed). He is currently studying the interface of medicine and religion, including bioethics, in issues of regenerative medicine and the quest for physical immortality.






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