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Online Doctorate in International Public Health


EUCLID, as an international intergovernmental institution with a university mandate, offers to select students from the general public two high-level external (distance or online) degree programs in international public health:

(1) The "EUCLID Master of Science in International Public Health (MIPH)" (or this link for the updated responsive page)

(2) The "EUCLID Doctorate in International Public Health (Code DIPH, which is a PhD)" (see below for information, or this link for the updated responsive page).

The DIPH is, to date, the only doctorate degree program in this critical field offered by an international intergovernmental organization with a UN-registered charter.

Its purpose is to prepare highly qualified public health professionals who will be able to serve in civil service, international organizations, health care institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations globally.

Effective June 2016: the most current information page for this program is found on EUCLID's responsive site, at this page.

Note: For information about EUCLID as an institution, including Participating States, scholarship programs, inter-institutional agreements and accreditation, please visit this page.


MD and non-MD medical or public health professionals seeking to acquire doctoral expertise and qualification in the field of global health.

Timeline and Program Duration

Open and continuous enrollment is active for qualified applicants.

Variable to the flexible nature of the academic methodology, but aimed to be completed in 3 to 4 years, depending on the student's circumstances.


In USD: 850 is due for the initial admission fee, followed by 'pay-as-you-go' payments for each course at USD145 per credit. Assuming a proper academic background at admission and therefore 55 credits to complete the program (including 25 for the dissertation), the total tuition is 850 + (55x145) = USD 8,825.

Under the terms of the EUCLID treaty, officials of EUCLID's Participating States pay no tuition (full scholarship).

Under the terms of the EUCLID agreement with ECOWAS, ECOWAS residents may receive a partial scholarship representing a reduction of 20% on the tuition.


This is the official DIPH brochure for the current academic cycle.

Online Master in International Public Health

Public Health is often studied from a national-centric perspective. Few programs are truly international in scope so as to fully prepare graduates for global civil service careers that will engage a wide variety of global public health challenges, including malaria, HIV, drug-resistance, vaccine hesitancy, diet-related diseases, etc.

To answer this challenge, EUCLID has designed a comprehensive and challenging online doctorate in international public health which is presented here with full documentation of syllabus and faculty resources, as well as total tuition.

This comprehensive information will enable students globally to determine if this program is suitable for them.

Academic Presentation

Global Health Conference

This unique Master's degree focuses on the practical and policy aspects of global public health rather than the advancement of academic knowledge or theoretical knowledge.

The DIPH was primarily designed to serve civil servants of EUCLID's Participating States, but it is also open to the general public as an excellent route to pursue a career within inter-governmental bodies, NGOs and the public sector.

Thanks to its low tuition and institutional relationships, and because it covers such topics as malaria and tropical diseases in depth, it is expected to be of special interest to African students.

Note: This degree program is distance-based only and requires fluency in the English language.

Below: A short video discussing careers in international public health

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a an advanced degree in nursing or health care (master in public health, nursing degree, physician assistant degree, other degree of similar level, at least at bachelor's level and ideally at the master's level) issued by a publicly recognized institution.

Government-sponsored applicants (who are already government staff) may be admitted without the required educational credential if their level of education and experience is deemed sufficient. EUCLID may require these participants to complete bridge courses prior to enrolling in the program.

Fluency in English (spoken and written) is required and will be tested.

Students are expected to be in position to dedicate 10 to 15 effective hours of study on a weekly basis.

Curriculum / Program Courses or "Roadmap"

EUCLID Online Doctorate in International Public Health courses (from EUCLID database):

Course Name
US Credits
-ACA-401D International Academic Writing (Doctorate)
-TPH-499 Argumentation and Critical Thinking
-IPH-EPI1 Epidemiology I
-IPH-GH Global Heath Studies
-IPH-GHC Global Health Case Studies
-IPH-MTD Malaria and Tropical Diseases
-IPH-PRH Population and Reproductive Health
-IPH-STAT Biostatistics
-IPH-IT Statistical Tools for Global Health Research
-T-DTH1 Doctoral Thesis 1/5
-T-DTH2 Doctoral Thesis 2/5
-T-DTH3 Doctoral Thesis 3/5
-T-DTH4 Doctoral Thesis 4/5
-T-DTH5 Doctoral Thesis 5/5
Total Credit Hours (US):

Elective Courses:

Course Name
US Credits
-IPH-300 Introduction to Public Health
-IPH-CHS Comparative Health Systems
-IPH-EPI2 Epidemiology II
-IPH-IMEM International Medical Emergency Management
-IPH-INT International Medicine

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Faculty Profiles

Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation

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EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide |Euclid University):

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International Headquarters: Bangui, C.A.R.; Banjul, The Gambia

Email: [email protected]

Institutional High Steward: President Faustin Touadéra, PhD (Mathematics; Lille, France)

Diplomatic and Academic High Steward: Ambassador Juan Avila, PhD (Education; Fordham, USA)


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