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Online Master in European Affairs and Diplomacy  

EUROSTATE offers a primary external (distance or online) degree program called the EUROSTATE Master in European Administration and Diplomacy (MEAD).

This represents a comprehensive, outcome-based program at the end of which students can expect to master the following competencies:

  • Professional paper / report writing
  • Critical Reasoning / Argumentation
  • Essential IT skills: MS-Office, Networking, Database Concepts, Web Design
  • Project Management Certification
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of Global Economics
  • Proficiency in another EU official language in addition to English
  • Knowledge of:
    • EU Institutions including ECB
    • EU Country profiles
    • European Law
    • European Trade and Agriculture
    • Theory and practice of EU diplomacy

The EUROSTATE MEAD represents at least 55 ECTS (37 US credit hours) of academic coursework - actual equivalent study time is closer to 60 ECTS but program concentration makes the program more affordable.

This program is compliant with Bologna Process guidelines and comes with a full ECTS documentation / transcript + diploma supplement.

[Above: the seat of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg)

This program prepares students (and working professionals, as well as officials) for EU leadership positions with:

  • EU Institutions
  • National Institutions
  • National and Regional Governments
  • International Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations and Foundations
  • European-oriented corporations


The module sequence is as follows:

English Writing Skills [EUR-LIT]
Critical Thinking / Argumentation [TPH-499]
Essential IT skills [EUR-IT]
Project Management [PM-200]
Economics and Global Economics [EUR-ECO]
Diplomacy - Theory and Practice [EUR-401]
European Diplomacy (History) [EUR-705]
European Country Profiles, including candidates
European Institutions [EUR-520]
European Law [EUR-510] + International Law [LAW-INT]

European Trade & Agriculture [EU-AGT]
Second Official EU language [EXTERNAL]
European Business, Economics, Finance with focus on Euro-Zone [EUR-620]
European Diplomacy and Foreign Relations [EUR-701]
Final Major Paper / Monograph [Faculty Directed]

Recommended: download the comprehensive MEAD program documentation with syllabi for all courses and ECTS documentation.

Recommended: download the basic MEAD program documentation without syllabi for all courses and ECTS documentation.

Recommended: Link to EUCLID/EUROState

Recommended: EUCLID Online Master in Diplomacy and International Affairs


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