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More than 17,000 universities globally;
less than 15 multilateral institutions; only 1  global and multi-disciplinary treaty-based institution: EUCLID.

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EUCLID is a specialized intergovernmental organization established in 2008, holding a university mandate and charter published in the United Nations Treaty Series (certificates 49006/49007).

It is among the world's few "international / intergovernmental" universities, and a full member in good standing of the key academic bodies, including the Academic Council on the United Nations Systems (ACUNS), UN Academic Impact, and the Association of African Universities (EUCLID's primary headquarters being in Banjul, Gambia).

Among other services, EUCLID offers specialized distance-learning and online distance learning programs to government-sponsored as well as general public students. Its goal is to prepare "expert leaders for international civil service and global careers." EUCLID's academic motto is "Let us also hear the other side (Audi et alteram partem in Latin)" and its vision statement for students development and preparation, both government-sponsored and general public is: "Become Globalized."

EUCLID's flagship program is its standard-setting online master in diplomacy and international affairs, or MDIA which has qualified many diplomats globally. EUCLID also offers doctoral-level programs in diplomacy, sustainable development and international public health, as well as a new joint degree program in international public administration.

Meeting at EUCLID GM office


In the sidelines of the United Nations Association (NY) Annual Gala, EUCLID officially graduated the First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Guyana to the United Nations, Mr. Mohamed Shiraz. EUCLID High Steward Juan Avila, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the UN, and EUCLID Under Secretary-General Robin van Puyenbroeck presented the Master's in Diplomacy and International Affairs diploma before the beginning of the Gala at the Marriott Essex House in New York.

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"Preparing Expert Leaders for International Civil Service and Global  Careers"

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EUCLID Joins Permanent Delegations of Gambia and Central African Republic for Presentation on Interfaith Harmony and Higher Education at UNESCO.

Photo of meeting at UNESCO
Cover of ACUNS Journal 2017


March 2017

EUCLID faculty members Dr Nicolas Badaoui and Pr Laurent Cleenewerck co-authored a featured article for the February/March 2017 Journal of the Academic Council on the United Nations Systems (ACUNS). The articles discusses the diplomacy and external relations of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. EUCLID is an institutional members of ACUNS and as such also participates in the UN Staff sabbatical program.

Interfaith Meeting at EUCLID HQ Gambia 2017


February 2017

For the second year in a row, EUCLID's Gambia headquarters organized and hosted a major event in support of the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week and of Mayors and Cities for Interfaith Harmony. The event was widely covered in the national news and demonstrates EUCLID's long-term commitment and expertise in interfaith studies.

EUCLID Faculty Appointments 2017


February 2017

EUCLID announces the appointment of Dr. Eugene Kongnyuy (UN/FPA) as Principal Faculty (International Public Health); Asser Harb of Egypt (Maritime Law) and Dr. Mohamed Gamal Kafafy also of Egypt (Sustainability and Energy).

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September 2016

Above: EUCLID's dedicated web site at

EUCLID has launched a new specialized online master's degree program in terrorism studies and deradicalization which builds on the institution's expertise in interfaith issues and international relations.

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September 2016

As announced at the UNESCO in June 2016, EUCLID will provide support to a new initiative called Mayors and Cities for Interfaith Harmony also referred to as "Interfaith Cities". Building on the model of Halifax, seven cities around the world have been invited to formalize a network of municipalities committed to support the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week.

EUCLID offices at ENAM


August 2016

In order to better redeploy and implement support operations in Bangui (EUCLID's historic headquarters), EUCLID has signed a facilities sharing agreement with the country's national school for administration and magistracy (ENAM). Inasmuch as ENAM trains senior civil servants, including diplomats, this agreement will also serve to facilitate academic cooperation, including the joint development of modules and programs.

Photo of DC building


June 2016

Above: The new building in the Georgetown area that is now home to the EUCLID Washington DC executive office.

EUCLID has relocated its Washington DC executive office to the Georgetown area, at 1101 30th Street NW (5th floor or Suite 500).  The old address (1250 24th Street NW) is no longer active.

The phone number remains unchanged but will not be answered during the month-long transfer period, thus until June 30th, 2016. The DC office only serves the embassies and diplomatic missions of the EUCLID Participating States based in Washington DC and New York.

Photo of UN World Interfaith Harmony Prize Award 2016


May 2016

As announced in March 2016, a EUCLID delegation was invited to travel to Amman, Jordan, to receive the First Prize of the 2016 UN World Interfaith Harmony Week at the hand of its patron, H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan.

EUCLID’s international faculty coordinator, Pr Laurent Cleenewerck, who had authored a landmark academic paper on interfaith theological dialogue released during the week-long events, was invited to deliver a speech to the distinguished audience. EUCLID’s Secretary General, Syed Zahid Ali, was the first to be called to receive the gold medal from the hand of the king who commended EUCLID for being so recognized.

The event, as well as EUCLID’s recognition, was largely covered in the Jordanian and international press, as well as in Orthodox Christian outlets who reported on the important participation of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, H.B. Theophilos III.

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April 2016

EUCLID has been officially notified that its MBA in Sustainable Development program has been ranked #1 by the independent website.

The article entitled “The 23 Best Online MBA Programs In Sustainability” assessed various programs on the basis of affordability, flexibility and academic reputation. Other ranked programs included University of Colorado—Denver, UMass Dartmouth, Marylhurst University, Walden University and Presidio Graduate School.

For more information:

Signature agreement EUCLID with University of Bangui


April 2016

EUCLID's International Faculty Coordinator, Pr Laurent Cleenewerck, was invited by the President-elect of the Central African Republic, Pr Faustin Touadera, to attend his investiture in Bangui on March 30th, 2016. Since 2005 and the inception of the "Euclid" initiative, the two men had developed a lasting friendship as well as helped foster a strong multilevel cooperation between EUCLID and the government of the Central African Republic, a country which is finally entering a new era of peace and redevelopment through democrocy and the rule of law.

Pr Cleenewerck attended the investiture in the VIP area alongside several heads of states and high level delegations from the United States, France, and the European Union. He was received the next day at the President's residence and also spent valuable time with Pr Simplice Sarandji, newly appointed Prime Minister, and Mr Firmin Ngrebada, newly appointed Minister Chief of Staff to the new President.

On the occasion of his first visit to Bangui, the International Faculty Coordinator was deputized by the Secretary General to sign an updated cooperation agreement with the University of Bangui to reinforce the operations of the historic headquarters and to develop joint and dual degree programs.

Screenshot of EUCLID LMS home page


January-March 2016

As 2016 starts, EUCLID is rolling out is new LMS platform and discusses the work being done by the EUCLID team with International Faculty Coordinator Pr Laurent Cleenewerck.

EUCLID: Can you tell us about the work being done on EUCLID’s new LMS platform?

IFC: EUCLID has used an internal system called “Elements” to manage its entire system of programs, courses, students, etc. since 2006. The platform is incredibly powerful in terms of international management of our academic operations, but not cutting-edge compared to recent LMS platforms such as EdX or Coursera. Our goal was to have a world-class LMS platform that would be flexible and that would remain under EUCLID’s control for custom development and integration with our internal system. 

[Click on image to read the full article]

Cover of EUCLID textbook


Euclid University Press

EUCLID released today the first edition of its much-anticipated practical and scholarly handbook on binding and non-binding instruments in the context of heightened interest in this issue, for instance in light of the recent Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action between the P5+1 and Iran (photo on cover). Four EUCLID faculty members have collaborated to make this project and important contribution possible.

The 190 page book is available on in Kindle and 6x9 print format.


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Sustainable Development

Discover EUCLID's online master degree in sustainable development and diplomacy (MBA and MSc); PhD in sustainable development and diplomacy; and specialized degrees in Islamic finance (MBA and PhD).

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International Public Health

Discover EUCLID's online master degree in international public health and online PhD in international public health. These are world-class, non-resident programs, with a focus on critical Global South issues.

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Interfaith & Theology

Discover EUCLID's online master degree in interfaith research and diplomacy; PhD in interfaith research and diplomacy; as well as online master's and PhD degrees in comparative theology, Roman Catholic theology and Eastern Orthodox theology.

A global network of participations and engagements


United Nations Treaty Series logo

United Nations Treaty Series

EUCLID's constitutive charter is registered with and published by the United Nations under Article 102 or the UN Charter (reference 49006/49007).

ACUNS logo

Academic Council on the United Nations System

EUCLID is an institutional member of ACUNS. An article by EUCLID faculty was published in the ACUNS Journal and can be accessed at this link.

GRLI logo

Global Responsible Leadership Initiative

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UN Academic Impact logo

UN Academic Impact

EUCLID is a member of UN Academic Impacts and continues to adjust its operations and curriculum to match global development such as the UN SD Goals.

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#1 Ranked MBA

EUCLID's online MBA in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy (MBASD) was ranked #1 of the world's 17 best by a respected independent agency in 2016.

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EUCLID is a full member of the Association of African Universities and covered by the regional UNESCO Convention on recogntion.

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The EUCLID Secretary General is a member of the International Association of University Presidents in New York, a global association with restricted membership.

Springer Top 50 logo

Global Health Top 50

EUCLID, with the Euclid Consortium, was listed among the world's 50 top leading global health institutions in a recent Springer-published textbook.



EUCLID is an educational partner of the Economic Community of West African States, with scholarship options available to ECOWAS staff and residents.

Islamic Development Bank logo

Islamic Development Bank and ICCIA

EUCLID is a partner of the Islamic Development Bank and Islamic Commerce of Business, Industry and Agriculture, both OIC affiliated international bodies.

UN World Interfaith Harmony Week logo

UN World Interfaith

EUCLID was awarded 1st Prize for the 2016 UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, at the hand of H.M. King Abdullah of Jordan, and is a recognized interfaith studies authority.

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Legal Protection Switzerland

The EUCLID name and seal are legally protected in Switzerland and around the world under treaty law (Article 6ter PC) since EUCLID is recognized as an intergovernmental organization.